At SunTrust, our checking services are designed to help you bank the way you want. This tool provides recommendations for you, based on your banking routines and preferences. Keep in mind that these recommendations — and any fee waiver qualifications — are based on individual accounts.

To get your checking recommendations, and an understanding of
potential fee waivers, please tell us about your banking preferences.

  • Input information based on one account at a time.
  • For recommendations based on a consolidation of your accounts, you may need to adjust your responses. Consolidating accounts may be a better solution for you based on your banking needs and may allow you to qualify for a waiver of the monthly maintenance fee(s).

Getting Started

Are you currently a SunTrust client?

Are you currently a college student?

Banking with SunTrust

Do you have a mortgage with SunTrust?

Do you have a SunTrust credit card?

How You Typically Bank

Do you have your paycheck automatically deposited into your account (Direct Deposit)?

How many checking accounts do you have (or plan to have)?

Do you use your Check Card (debit card) to make purchases?

About how many times per month do you use ATMs that are outside of your current bank´s ATM network?

Are you interested in a banking solution that may help limit overdraft fees?

How many withdrawals, deposits, and or checks do you perform each month?

Would you be willing to have an Online Statement without a Paper Statement?

Your Financial Situation

What is the minimum amount you usually keep in your checking account each month?

Approximately how much do you keep in all of your bank accounts (checking, savings, money market, IRAs (excluding IRAs in a brokerage account) and CDs) each month in total?

About how much is the total of all your investment brokerage accounts?

About how much is the total amount of all your loans (e.g., mortgage, car loan, school loan, credit cards, etc.)?